Equiscript is a mission-driven company dedicated to improving access to healthcare in the communities we serve.


Create and manage 340B home delivery pharmacy programs

We help community health centers and hospitals generate resources and improve patient adherence through 340B home delivery pharmacy programs.

Patients deserve pharmacy options that make staying healthy as easy and convenient as possible. With Equiscript, you can give your patients the option to have their medicine delivered to their homes with a service that is patient-focused and centered around support and adherence.


Why we do it

Improve access to healthcare

We believe in creating healthier communities. That starts with creating solutions to improve access to healthcare. Equiscript is proud to work alongside community healthcare workers to help patients become healthier and happier. We do this by:


Build relationships based upon the Equiscript core values.


Help people get the medications and care they need.


Develop financial resources through the 340B drug program for our clients to help their patients.


We Improve Access to Healthcare in the Communities We Serve

Be Honest. Be Ethical. Have Integrity.

Be Honest. Be Ethical. Have Integrity.

We conduct business with each of our team members and every other person we touch through our company with the highest ethical standards. We are accountable for those activities to which we commit ourselves, and we follow through. We prove ourselves to be reliable and trusted. This is reflected throughout our services and communications.

Compete Intensely. Win.

Compete Intensely. Win.

We compete against time, expectations, rivals, and our past performance. We want to beat them all. All of the time. If we lose, we do not create excuses. We value failure when it happens, learn from our failures, and make every effort to eliminate repeat failure from our future.

Be a Good Neighbor to Your Co-Workers, Our Partners, Our Patients, and Our Clients.

Be a Good Neighbor to Your Co-Workers, Our Partners, Our Patients, and Our Clients.

We trust, respect, and support each other. We do not gossip. We understand that trust is built and strengthened by taking personal initiative, being accountable, and obtaining quality results rapidly. Respect is earned by being on time, delivering on commitments, and abiding by our Core Values. We support each other by encouraging, mentoring, assisting, and expecting excellence from each other.

Work in Teams.

Work in Teams.

We work together to realize our goals. We recognize that by working together, we can better realize opportunities; we have higher likelihood of success; and we can more quickly identify, address, and resolve operational shortcomings. Every role at Equiscript is important, and every Equiscript team member is important. We seek to be capable and committed team members and provide an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, and individual responsibility.

Create Value for all Stakeholders: Clients, Patients, Co-Workers, Investors.

Create Value for all Stakeholders: Clients, Patients, Co-Workers, Investors.

We create value by relentlessly focusing on the needs of patients. We strive to provide all stakeholders with excellent returns on their investments of trust, time, and money.

Ensure Quality in All Aspects of Company Interaction and Operations.

Ensure Quality in All Aspects of Company Interaction and Operations.

We work from a noble cause, and our partners and patients deserve our best. Regardless of the task at hand, Equiscript team members are expected to deliver the highest standards of work.


Leadership Team


Michael Burkhold

President and CEO

Steven Kerr

Chief Financial Officer

Katrina Jamison, PharmD

Senior Director of Operations

Juliet Quick

Senior Director of Marketing and 340B Client Sales

Rod Bandy

Senior Director of Information Systems

Sharon Walsh

Director of Client Success

Russ Dearie


Sam Haire

Director of Patient Services

Ruben Leija

Senior Manager of Operations Strategy and Support

Katy Ditchfield, SHRM-SCP

Senior Manager of Human Resources

Amy Goble

Senior Manager of Client Success

Vivian Suarez

Senior Client Sales and Relationship Manager - Western Region

South Carolina Location

1360 Truxtun Ave, Suite 300
North Charleston, SC 29405

Utah Location

6975 South Union Park Center Suite 520 Cottonwood Heights, UT 84047


What our clients are saying.

“The 340B home delivery pharmacy program that Equiscript provides our patients is well managed, 340B compliant, and effective. It not only generates revenue to build our 340B program, but it also reaches our chronically-ill patients that need the service the most - at no extra cost to them. It's a natural extension of the quality services that our providers already give, and we are proud to partner with them to grow our 340B opportunity.”

“I feel that Equiscript is another vital piece in the FQHC model, and they have truly come alongside as a partner to help remove barriers for PHS patients. From our first contact with Equiscript to our continuing relationship, the leadership and staff has been exceptional and full of integrity. This program has allowed PHS to further empower our patients to receive patient-centered care that is less burdensome and right inline with our mission of improving access for our patients and the healthcare system.”

"Equiscript has done an excellent job in helping our patients be more compliant with their medications. Our organization covers a wide geographic area, with some patients who have no access to a regular pharmacy. Home delivery with Equiscript has allowed these patients to maintain their normal medication schedule without interruption. The Equiscript staff and personnel have always exhibited a high degree of professionalism and a willingness to assist us with any questions that have arisen."

"Equiscript has allowed HealthNet to provide its patients with several services that standard mail-order pharmacies and brick-and-mortar pharmacies do not. These include services such as personal patient care advocates, prescription invoicing, home delivery, and unit-dose packaging. Not only does the partnership help increase patient access to medications, but it also benefits our organization and patients through the 340B program. The friendly and efficient staff is quick to respond to our patients’ and our organization’s needs."

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