Our Cause

We improve access to healthcare in the communities we serve.

We do this by:

  • Building relationships based upon our core values.
  • Helping people get the medications and care they need.
  • Developing financial resources through the 340B drug program for our clients to help their patients.


Our Core Values


1. Be Honest. Be Ethical. Have Integrity.

We conduct business with each of our team members and every other person we touch through our company with the highest ethical standards. We are accountable for those activities to which we commit ourselves, and we follow through. We prove ourselves to be reliable and trusted. This is reflected throughout our services and communications.

2. Compete Intensely. Win.

We compete against time, expectations, rivals, and our past performance. We want to beat them all. All of the time. If we lose, we do not create excuses. We value failure when it happens, learn from our failures, and make every effort to eliminate repeat failure from our future.


3. Create Value for all Stakeholders: Clients, Patients, Co-Workers, Investors.

We create value by relentlessly focusing on the needs of patients. We strive to provide all stakeholders with excellent returns on their investments of trust, time, and money.

4. Work in Teams.

We work together to realize our goals. We recognize that by working together, we can better realize opportunities; we have higher likelihood of success; and we can more quickly identify, address, and resolve operational shortcomings. Every role at Equiscript is important, and every Equiscript team member is important. We seek to be capable and committed team members and provide an environment that fosters inclusion, respect, and individual responsibility. 

5. Be a Good Neighbor to Your Co-Workers, Our Partners, Our Patients, and Our Clients.

We trust, respect, and support each other. We do not gossip. We understand that trust is built and strengthened by taking personal initiative, being accountable, and obtaining quality results rapidly. Respect is earned by being on time, delivering on commitments, and abiding by our Core Values. We support each other by encouraging, mentoring, assisting, and expecting excellence from each other.

6. Ensure Quality in All Aspects of Company Interaction and Operations.

We work from a noble cause, and our partners and patients deserve our best. Regardless of the task at hand, Equiscript team members are expected to deliver the highest standards of work.