What are others saying about the Equiscript Program?

“A couple of years ago, I was approached about starting a 340B mail order and retail network pharmacy program for my rural hospital and rural health clinics.  I was skeptical when they told me we could earn $300,000 – $500,000 a year on this program, but I thought whatever we made would be more than we are making now.  So, I decided to give it a try and it has been better than we ever expected.  This month my CFO estimated we will net $750,000 next year on these programs.  It just might be the program that keeps our doors open!  One more thing, the customer service for my patients and my staff has been great.  I had a lot of objections about the change process but I never hear them anymore.  It really is as simple as changing where you send a prescription to.”

Todd Eppler, CEO
DeSoto Regional Health System
Mansfield, LA


The 340B home delivery pharmacy program that Equiscript provides our patients is well managed, 340B compliant, and effective. It not only generates revenue to build our 340B program, but it also reaches our chronically-ill patients that need the service the most - at no extra cost to them. It's a natural extension of the quality services that our providers already give, and we are proud to partner with them to grow our 340B opportunity.”

Jon Wollenzien, Jr., D.B.A., CEO
YourTown Health
Palmetto, GA


“I feel that Equiscript is another vital piece in the FQHC model, and they have truly come alongside as a partner to help remove barriers for PHS patients. From our first contact with Equiscript to our continuing relationship, the leadership and staff has been exceptional and full of integrity. This program has allowed PHS to further empower our patients to receive patient-centered care that is less burdensome and right inline with our mission of improving access and lowering overall costs for our patients and the healthcare system.”

Stephen Roller, CMO
Primary Health Solutions
Hamilton, OH


“We have found the Home Delivery program to be very beneficial to our patients who, for whatever reason, have chosen not to use our in-house pharmacy.  Many of our patients have transportation and/or health and disability issues that prevent them from traveling to pick up their medications.  We have found that once many of our patients understand that this program not only benefits them but brings revenue back into the health center that allows us to provide programs and services for all of our patients they are willing to try the program.  We have had patients who have tried our pharmacy or the Home Delivery program and gone back to a local pharmacy that has been an establishment in their lives for many years and we encourage them to use that pharmacy if they miss what they are accustomed to. The fact that Equiscript is able to facilitate signing the patients up, making sure they are eligible and assisting them with follow up appointments and obtaining refills is crucial to the program’s success at our health center.  Our ability to work as a team has enhanced this program.”

Paula  J. Stover, RPh, Chief Programs Officer
Sumter Family Health Center
Sumter, SC


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Equiscript can help 340B covered entities:

  • Reach more 340B patients
  • Keep patients more adherent, and healthier
  • Generate savings that enable you to expand care into your community

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