340B, Medication Adherence

How Big is the Medication Adherence Problem in the U.S.?


Half of Americans do not take their medications as prescribed, contributing to $100-$300 billion in health care costs and 125,000 lives lost per year.


We've done our research on medication adherence, and we'd like to share what we've learned with you.  Please click here to download the free ebook, Medication Adherence: Strategies to Improve 340B Outcomes.

Equiscript helps covered entities serve high-risk, high-need patients through a home delivery pharmacy option that helps keep them more adherent.   We'd like to help you:

  • Reach more patients
  • Improve patient adherence
  • Generate resources for your organization
Please call us at 800-975-2951 or visit this page to schedule a quick conversation to see if Equiscript's 340B home delivery pharmacy program is a good fit for your organization.  



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