Why do we need a program like LilaRx?

Prescription drugs are unaffordable for far too many people.  In fact, 45 million Americans can’t afford their medications, and 29% of adults reported not taking their medications as prescribed because of cost.

The 340B Drug Pricing Program allows certain safety-net providers, known as 340B Covered Entities, to purchase drugs at a discounted rate, and pass those savings along to their patients. The problem is that there has never been a reliable and scalable distribution system to help Covered Entities to pass these discounts directly to patients. Until now! 

LilaRx makes it easy for 340B Covered Entities to help patients in their communities access affordable medications.

How LilaRx Works

We changed one simple thing.  Instead of using a traditional prescribing and pharmacy system, patients order and pay for their medications at a qualifying provider’s office or hospital.  Prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy when the medications are ordered and the medications are shipped directly to the patient’s home or shipping address.




For Covered Entities, LilaRx will help you provide discounted 340B medications to your eligible patients.  The LilaRx solution allows you to make medications available in your community. The solution supports sliding scales, charity care and provides a full accounting of all activity through a convenient portal.  

Track Adherence and Charity Care to the patient level. 

Because LilaRx is patient-focused you can report on your sliding scale and charity care activity down to the clinic, provider, medication, and patient levels.  A robust reporting structure will also provide you insights on medication adherence in your uninsured population that have never been available before.

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How do I Qualify for LilaRx?

To qualify for 340B-discounted medication, you must receive healthcare from a 340B-eligible provider who participates in the LilaRx program. 340B Covered Entities must have a contract pharmacy arrangement with our pharmacy fulfillment partner and a LilaRx 340B program administration agreement with Equiscript in order to participate.

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Help your patients gain access to the medications they need at an affordable price.

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