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From Our Clients: Jon Wollenzien, Jr., CEO of YourTown Health


As the CEO of an FQHC, it is my job to ensure that our health center is providing quality comprehensive care and services to our community. Part of what helps us do that is our 340B program. I knew that we weren't growing our 340B program to its full potential and was searching for a way to accomplish that.


We were approached by Ashley, from Equiscript, in 2015 about the opportunity to integrate a home delivery pharmacy option for our health center that would be free for our patients and generate more revenue for our program. Contract pharmacies were new to us, and this was an area we had little experience in.

We decided to partner with Equiscript to sign our first contract pharmacy because of their track record of success in developing and implementing community-based home delivery services.  As a part of our due diligence, we visited the corporate office of Equiscript and were blown away by the quality of their staff and the dedication they bring to the table to assist our patients.

Since the launch, we have seen significant growth in our 340B program as a result of the revenue savings captured through their program. We have been able to expand our services to the uninsured in our communities and further develop our patient transportation program.

The savings are only a part of the benefit of the program. Equiscript continues to successfully identify and provide a home delivery option to more and more patients monthly. The level of service they provide is second to none. They actually work with our staff and our patients to foster compliance with their provider's plan of care, and in a way that is caring and genuine.

Equiscript continues to be not only a great business partner, but a go-to expert for all things 340B!

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 Jon WollenzienJon Wollenzien, Jr., D.B.A.
Chief Executive Officer, YourTown Health

Jon is the CEO of YourTown Health, a Federally Qualified Health Center with six locations serving several communities in Georgia. Jon is also an Assistant Adjunct professor at Emory University's Rollings School of Public Health where he teaches a course in operations management. He enjoys writing and playing music and has even released his own live album. 

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