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Equiscript Announces Commitment to OneWorld Health



Program will help expand Cause to improve access to healthcare

We are very excited to announce that Equiscript has formally committed to an ongoing relationship with our friends at OneWorld Health. OneWorld Health is an amazing group of people who have been able to build sustainable community health centers in two of the poorest countries in the world: Uganda and Nicaragua.   

At Equiscript, our team is driven by our Cause: “To improve access to healthcare in the communities we serve”; and through this new relationship with OneWorld Health, we are thrilled to be able to expand our Cause and work into new communities.  

In 2009, Equiscript had the honor to start serving the patients of our first client, Sumter Family Health Center, here in South Carolina. Starting a new business is not an easy endeavor, and many start up businesses (if not all, really) are at the mercy getting the right breaks at the right time. Having the team at Sumter Family Health Center as our first client has been a blessing to our business. They share our vision for patient care, and helped us work out the kinks in our systems and processes. Because they understand our vision and gave us a chance, we have been able to help thousands of patients get the medications they need to stay healthy at community health centers and hospitals across the United States.

Our company is growing rapidly and we are blessed to be able to help new patients every day.  

As we have worked with our 340B clients over the past eight years, we have been inspired by their passion for their community and humbled as we see the amount of work and effort they put into care for their neighbors.  

Because we have been so blessed we are now able to pass this gift along to the folks at OneWorld Health. Here is how this is going to work.   

  • This first month we committing to fund eyeglasses for our new communities. Over time our support may change to other items like mosquito nets, malaria kits or vitamins for children who do not have the benefit of a healthy diet. OneWorld Health will tell us what they need and we will do our best to fill that need.   
  • We are committing to provide financial support for a OneWorld Health trip in which community health professionals to visit and volunteer at the OneWorld Health clinics in Nicaragua. This will allow community health staff to go on a mission trip and will provide help to the local clinic during peak clinic hours.  
  • We are committing to send Equiscript team members on a mission trip to work at the clinic in Nicaragua.
  • We are committing to spread the news about the work the great team at OneWorld Health are doing to all of our clients - who themselves have dedicated their lives to community health - and to anyone else who will listen!  

Our business here at Equiscript allows us to serve high-risk, high-need patients in communities across our great and prosperous country - while providing new financial resources to these communities at the same time. We love our work and we feel a great responsibility with the blessings that we have been given.  

As our relationship with OneWorld Health matures we will be sharing more news. As we enter 2017 we could not be more honored to help the communities we serve here in the US and now in Masindi-Kitara, Uganda and El Viejo, Nicaraga.  

As always, we couldn’t do the work we do without my business partner Steven Kerr, our amazing Equiscript staff members, our collaborative and innovative clients, and our dependable and fabulous (and dependably-fabulous) pharmacy network partners.

If you happen to be one of our clients reading this post, thank you for allowing us to serve your patients and inspiring us to find new ways to extend the community healthcare model to people in need.   

We look forward to updating you soon on this exciting new mission.



OneWorld Health is working with 340b company Equiscript to expand access to healthcare.


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