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Site Champ Spotlight: Jillian Anderson, Manager, 340B Program at STRIDE Community Health Center


Please join us in celebrating Jillian Anderson, Manager, 340B Program at STRIDE Community Health Center in the Denver Colorado and surrounding areas. Jillian is Equiscript's Site Champion Spotlight for May!

JillianAnderson-MCCOSite Champions play a significant role in the success of Equiscript home delivery pharmacy programs across the country. They serve as the primary point of contact between the Equiscript team, providers, and patients. Site Champions are super-organized, super-involved superstars who carry out the tasks necessary to make a successful pharmacy program.

STRIDE Community Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that was established in 1989, “in response to the primary health care needs of the medically indigent population in suburban Denver...”

Jillian joined the STRIDE team in January as manager of the organization’s 340B program. She said her favorite parts of her job are, “Educating my organization about the impact 340B can have, watching our program grow, and ensuring the program is compliant.”

As part of STRIDE’s 340B program, we asked Jillian the impact and value Equiscript has on their organization and patients. She said, “90% of the services provided by STRIDE are medical, which encompasses our Primary Care Services that result in maintenance medications. Home delivery provides convenience to our patients, allows them to stay adherent to their medications and while also allowing them flexible payment options they would otherwise not receive at a traditional retail pharmacy.”

Equiscript Client Relationship Manager Vivian Suarez nominated Jillian for the Site Champ Spotlight award because “Jillian took over the Equiscript program shortly after starting her new job at STRIDE and she’s gone above and beyond to make this a successful program for her health center and its patients.”
When asked what advice she has for other site champions, Jillian said, “Every organization is set up differently, but I have seen success in having one person taking the lead, creating a procedure, and implementing that procedure. I go onto the Equiscript portal every morning and afternoon before I leave work to see if there are any new patients added. My goal is to have few patients in the new patient queue and as fast of a turn around as possible."

“I can see the level of collaboration that Equiscript has with their customers,” said Jillian. “They are there for you and willing to help you with anything that you need.”

Site Champions help to ensure that patients get the best quality service, and that they get their medications when they need them - which keeps patients happier, healthier, and more compliant with their healthcare. Thank you, Jillian, for being a top-notch Site Champion!

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