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Site Champ Spotlight: Samantha Babcock, LPN at Ashtabula County Medical Center


Please join us in celebrating Samantha Babcock, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at Ashtabula County Medical Center in Ashtabula, Ohio. Samantha is Equiscript's Site Champion Spotlight for March!

Site Champions play a significant role in the success of Equiscript home delivery pharmacy programs across the country. They serve as the primary point of contact between the Equiscript team, providers, and patients. Site Champions are super-organized, super-involved superstars who carry out the tasks necessary to make a successful pharmacy program.

Ashtabula County Medical Center (ACM) was created in response to the Ashtabula Train Disaster of 1876. In 1882, a small emergency hospital was built largely from community donations and served Ashtabula's injured railroad workers. During the Great Depression, Ashtabula's doors were nearly closed because the electric plant that serviced the hospital was shutting down. The hospital was saved when the city was able to help the hospital with funds to build a new steam plant. Today, Ashtabula has fourteen locations including its main clinic, family health centers, fitness centers, a hospital, and specialty clinics.

Samantha works as an LPN for ACM and has been with them for nearly five years. She said she loves the people she works with and the great teamwork they have developed.

Samantha’s trick for efficiency as an Equiscript Site Champion is to "print out the med list from the portal and then compare it to the Epic med list and make any notes next to the medication, such as who prescribes it, if it is controlled, if it is a short term med or if it is not on the Epic med list and or the patient is not taking the med anymore. Then I will go through and send the medications to the providers that prescribe them."

Equiscript Prescription Service Administrator, Haley Albany nominated Samantha for our Site Champ Spotlight and said, "Samantha is an extremely hard-working, dedicated Site Champ. Even on her busiest days, she manages to squeeze time in - sometimes even staying late just to assist with our mission to service Ashtabula patients. She is very appreciated!"

Site Champions help to ensure that patients get the best quality service and that they get their medications when they need them - which keeps patients happier, healthier, and more compliant with their healthcare. Thank you, Samantha, for being a top-notch Site Champion!

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