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Equiscript provides information and services that help safety-net providers identify and close gaps in care and improve patient outcomes while maximizing 340B savings and value-based care opportunities.


Our Approach

With a focus on safety-net and primary care providers, Equiscript has developed technology and tools that provide information on a patient’s journey that takes place outside the four walls of your clinic.  

Our Patient First approach and tools help providers identify both medication and clinical gaps in care. These tools help to ensure the financial stability of our clients by allowing them to run the most efficient and effective claims processing environment for 340B savings and reporting quality measures for value-based contracts.


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Service Offerings


EQ Specialty Claims Processing
Specialty drugs account for more than 55% of total drug spend for a typical patient population. Maximize your 340B capture rate and savings with EQ Specialty Claims Processing. Equiscript provides a full suite of TPA services for most major specialty pharmacies. 


EQ Connect Referral

Equiscript utilizes market-leading technology to fully digitize and automate the referral process.  

By leveraging our proprietary EHR and HIE data feeds, EQ Connect Referral pulls detailed continuum of care notes directly from EHRs for >96% of all patients in the US from every care setting. The result is more claims captured at a lower cost compared to other companies that rely on older manual processes.  

  • 96% of patients will have records in network
  • encounters within the last months on average
  • 54 documents and hundreds of pages per patient on average
  • 126 visits, 26 diagnoses, 52 procedures per patient 
  • Clinical records sourced across all 50 states and every healthcare setting

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EQ Medication Adherance

The simplest way to get accurate dispensed medication data for at-risk patient populations is EQ Medication History. With access to full medication history of 70-90%+ of patients in the US, Equiscript provides you access to a full medication history for over 240 million patients including cash claims.  

Clear, up-to-date medication data delivered by Equiscript helps your organization better manage your patients' care. We provide information about your patients' prescription regimen to identify prescriptions written by other providers, patients who are high-risk and not adhering to their therapies, and those at-risk of over-utilizing controlled substances.  

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EQ Connect Clinical

EQ Connect Clinical provides a complete and accurate view of a patient's journey outside of your four walls. Throughout the year, patients visit multiple providers and care facilities - especially if they have chronic health issues.  A fragmented medical record system makes it difficult for primary care providers to ensure and document high-quality care.

EQ Connect Clinical gives providers access to the clinical history of millions of patients across the nation. We start by identifying the right patient and then pull data from healthcare providers across the country. Once complete, providers know where their patients sought care and understand their clinical history that is not contained in their EHR.     

Our solution offers meaningful and customizable reporting on quality measures, lab results at the population level, as well as individualized summaries at the patient level that can be inserted as a PDF into your EHR. For a FQHC, sourcing and organizing this information is difficult. EQ Connect Clinical saves you time and makes it easier to deliver care. Moreover, the solution requires no tech investment. 

  • 96% of patients will have records in network
  • encounters within the last months on average
  • 54 documents and hundreds of pages per patient on average
  • 126 visits, 26 diagnoses, 52 procedures per patient 
  • Clinical records sourced across all 50 states and every healthcare setting


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EQ Specialty Claims Processing 

The specialty drug market now accounts for 55% of total drug spend and continues to rise. It is essential to have a specialty strategy in place to capitalize on valuable 340B savings. Our solution provides a full suite of TPA services with a unique validation process designed to increase the capture of specialty drugs while maintaining program compliance. This service is paired with EQ Connect Referral for maximum capture rate. 75% of all specialty medications in the US are dispensed through specialty pharmacies Equiscript works with which includes all major specialty pharmacies in your network.  

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EQ Retail Claims Processing 

EQ Retail Claims Processing allows our clients to streamline their 340B program administration. With Equiscript as the TPA for your managing retail and specialty pharmacies, most of our clients can simplify their partnership to include Equiscript, and two major pharmacy chains. Equiscript can work with most major pharmacy chains and local independent pharmacies. Pair EQ Retail Claims Processing with EQ Connect Referral to maximize 340B claims capture, increase savings, and reduce costs. 

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EQ Home Delivery

EQ Home Delivery identifies patients who may suffer barriers to care.  Equiscript personnel provides direct telephone-based, personal outreach to these patients to ensure they have access to care. If the patient asks for assistance with receiving their medications at home, Equiscript services include facilitating home delivery services through a contract pharmacy, and coordination with clinical staff and contracted pharmacy personnel to ensure the patient receives their medications. Patients receive direct follow-up calls to make sure they understand their prescription benefits and receive their medications on a reliable schedule. This valuable service ensures that all patients have reliable access and support to receive the medications they need. Under EQ Home Delivery, we provide TPA services for your contracted home delivery pharmacies. 

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EQ Engage 

Leveraging our technology, we identify patients who aren’t utilizing your in-house services. Our dedicated patient care team seamlessly enrolls these patients into your in-house pharmacy, allowing your program to capture important 340B claims that would otherwise be missed due to an out of network pharmacy or manufacturer restrictions. Moreover, this empowers you to work directly with high-risk patients that are better managed by your pharmacy team. 

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We look forward to working together to optimize your program, streamline operations and help you realize additional 340B savings. Connect with us to explore our Patient First solutions!  



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What our clients are saying

“I feel that Equiscript is another vital piece in the FQHC model, and they have truly come alongside as a partner to help remove barriers for PHS patients. From our first contact with Equiscript to our continuing relationship, the leadership and staff has been exceptional and full of integrity. This program has allowed PHS to further empower our patients to receive patient-centered care that is less burdensome and right inline with our mission of improving access for our patients and the healthcare system.” Stephen Roller, CMO | Primary Health Solutions
"Equiscript has allowed HealthNet to provide its patients with several services that standard mail-order pharmacies and brick-and-mortar pharmacies do not. These include services such as personal patient care advocates, prescription invoicing, home delivery, and unit-dose packaging. Not only does the partnership help increase patient access to medications, but it also benefits our organization and patients through the 340B program. Andrew Gonzales | HealthNet
“We have found the Home Delivery program to be very beneficial to our patients who, for whatever reason, have chosen not to use our in-house pharmacy.  Many of our patients have transportation and/or health and disability issues that prevent them from traveling to pick up their medications. Paula J. Stover, RPh, Chief Programs Officer | Tandem Health