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Generate new revenue with 6 easy steps

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We work with your IT Department to pull information from your EMR.

The data is transmitted via an HL-7 feed or pulled in EMR flat files that are loaded to a secure FTP site.

Step 2

Step 2

We mine the data to find patients who would be a good fit for the program.

We look for patients who go to your health center for health care, but who fill their prescriptions outside of your 340B pharmacy network.

We filter based on:

  • Patient gets medical care from the health center (look at visit dates)
  • Patient sees a qualifying provider
  • Patient isn’t already filling their medications through your in-house or contracted pharmacies
  • Patient takes maintenance medications
  • Patient would benefit from our program and isn’t precluded from using the program due to insurance requirements
  • We also apply any specific filters you ask us to apply.
Step 3

Step 3

Once we have the list of patients who are a good fit for the program, we reach out to them to offer the home delivery service.

Patients who choose to enroll get:

  • Personalized service from a team of Patient Care Advocates.
  • Delivery of their medications to their homes with no delivery charge and their copays normally stay the same.
  • This saves patients time, effort, and money.
  • Our average patient is on eight monthly maintenance medications, so this can save them multiple trips to the pharmacy each month
  • Most patients have 30 days to pay their copay invoices, compared to other pharmacies where the often have to pay upfront.


After the prescription is filled and the claim is paid, Equiscript gets back to work.

We gather claim information from our network of pharmacies, verify eligibility, pay drug costs, pharmacy dispensing fees, and Equiscript program costs, and then deposits the savings generated into an account owned by the Covered Entity.



Equiscript sends monthly reports.

We send your financial contacts monthly reports that show the progress of the program. You also have 24/7 access to this information through your secure, online, portal.  



Covered Entity receives a quarterly check from Equiscript with proceeds from the program.

It’s that easy! Your Equiscript team members are there for you every step of the way to ensure that patients have the support and care they need, and that you have the information and resources you need for a successful pharmacy program!  Working together, we can help you keep patients healthier while also generating new resources for your health center.

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A few things to note.


Equiscript uses a winners-only claims model, which means that only profitable claims are processed as 340B. Unprofitable claims are filled by the pharmacy and processed as retail claims.


All claims, ordering, inventory, and patient enrollment information is accessible to the Covered Entity anytime through a secure, real-time, online portal.


Equiscript’s pharmacies use a virtual inventory replenishment system, which means no upfront cost for drugs to the covered entity, and much lower inventory carrying costs overall.


Generate new revenue for your health center.

If you’re like most Covered Entities, you are trying to serve a lot of patients, with a variety of needs, in a demanding environment, with limited resources. FQHCs, CAHs, DSHs - by nature, your organization needs every penny it can find to offer services to its community – and when you don’t have resources, services stop, hours scale back, and our communities suffer.

Opening an Equiscript program can generate new revenue for your organization.  Use this calculator to get an idea of the financial benefit our program can have for your organization.

Program Savings Calculator

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Enter your number of 340B eligible providers who write prescriptions for maintenance medications.


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Client Stories

What our clients are saying.

“The 340B home delivery pharmacy program that Equiscript provides our patients is well managed, 340B compliant, and effective. It not only generates revenue to build our 340B program, but it also reaches our chronically-ill patients that need the service the most - at no extra cost to them. It's a natural extension of the quality services that our providers already give, and we are proud to partner with them to grow our 340B opportunity.”

“I feel that Equiscript is another vital piece in the FQHC model, and they have truly come alongside as a partner to help remove barriers for PHS patients. From our first contact with Equiscript to our continuing relationship, the leadership and staff has been exceptional and full of integrity. This program has allowed PHS to further empower our patients to receive patient-centered care that is less burdensome and right inline with our mission of improving access for our patients and the healthcare system.”

“Equiscript has done an excellent job in helping our patients be more compliant with their medications. Our organization covers a wide geographic area, with some patients who have no access to a regular pharmacy. Home delivery with Equiscript has allowed these patients to maintain their normal medication schedule without interruption. The Equiscript staff and personnel have always exhibited a high degree of professionalism and a willingness to assist us with any questions that have arisen.”

“Equiscript has allowed HealthNet to provide its patients with several services that standard mail-order pharmacies and brick-and-mortar pharmacies do not. These include services such as personal patient care advocates, prescription invoicing, home delivery, and unit-dose packaging. Not only does the partnership help increase patient access to medications, but it also benefits our organization and patients through the 340B program. The friendly and efficient staff is quick to respond to our patients’ and our organization’s needs.”

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